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  • The Stir The Stir

    Trying to Conceive: Separating Facts From Fiction

    The Stir - 07/15/14

    While there's validity to some of the most popular conception tips, not all theories are based in, well, fact. And some are downright cockamamie old wives' tales! Here, the truth about babymaking tricks every trying-to-conceive couple should know

  • The Standard Digital News

    Unravelling the facts and fiction about Kenya's turbulent politics

    The Standard Digital News - 07/13/14

    Facts, in social sciences, are regarded as stubborn things: you cannot wish them away even if you wanted to. Quite often they are also seen as brutal: they can offend, annoy, shame, humble and “put someone in his or her place”. When isolated they may

  • The New Indian Express

    Equate Facts with Fiction on SC Status to Converts

    The New Indian Express - 07/12/14

    Such proclamation is not based on fiction or perception, but on historical experiences and empirical facts. The first effort of identifying untouchables was made by J S Hatton in the Census report of 1931. The term Scheduled Caste first appeared in the

  • Hamilton Spectator Hamilton Spectator

    Home News Canada A look at the facts and fiction around the duty to...

    Hamilton Spectator - 06/19/14

    Before Harper's cabinet approved the Northern Gateway pipeline, there were complaints the federal government had not sufficiently heeded the concerns of First Nations. OTTAWA - Long before Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet approved the Northern

  • News24

    The Bible - book of facts or fiction?

    News24 - 06/18/14

    We will realise that some of the context is just fictional - similar to what we will find in a book such as Harry Potter (another best seller). However, it still carries spiritual messages, IF we understand the context in which it was created. To


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